What is the “Stitch at Home Challenge”?

We have created the “Stitch at Home Challenge” as a way to encourage and inspire people to stitch. This is not a competition but a challenge. For each challenge we will provide you with an inspiration and you may use any needlework technique or combination of techniques in order to make a piece of textile art.

Who can enter?

Anyone! We know that many of you live far away. If you can’t come and visit us here in San Francisco, this is a great opportunity for you to join our stitching community. If you live close by, you may have the chance to come in and see your work on display at our school during one of our exhibits!

What do I do with my finished piece?

Your finished piece of art belongs to you but for each challenge there will be a deadline for you to submit either a photograph of your piece or the actual piece itself for display in an exhibit. The Challenge Exhibit will be up for a month at SNAD and it is a great opportunity to showcase your work. With your permission, we will also display your work in an online gallery on our website.

To learn more about our current challenge see the Rules Page.