Introduction to Embroidery

Stitch Retreats

Come and spend a week stitching! Our Stitch Retreats focus on further developing and enhancing your skills and knowledge.

The Retreats are individualized to allow you to select a particular technique or combination of techniques in which to experiment and further build upon your own creativity, knowledge and technical skills. You will be guided through the entire process by our Instructors.

You will work, following a general brief, to design and work an embroidery that you will be proud of. You may request a portfolio review at the end of the retreat with an Instructor, and you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion once you have finished your piece. It is our intention that in addition to gaining confidence and deeper skills, you will have a wonderful week doing what you love in a relaxed and fun environment.

After the Retreat, we encourage you to promote your work and would like to help you with that by sharing your work via our website and social media, participating in a SNAD exhibition and possibly working with SNAD on future projects.

**Recommended previous experiences include previous multi-day course(s) through a distance learning program, guild, or embroidery school.

***A short questionnaire and the brief will be sent to you once you have registered.

Dates for 2017

April 3-7   Register

September 9-16   Register