With Guest Instructor

Huib Petersen of

Petersen Beadwear


Skill level: All levels welcome

Class Description: This off-loom bead work, originating from Russia, is made from the leaves and starflowers you create. These components are then stitched together. Using increases and decreases, your bead lace will have all the advantage of fabric cut on the bias.  The possibilities are endless!  Create a simple necklace or an entire piece of clothing.

Kit Contents: Seed beads in three colors and sizes, two sizes of semi-precious stones or pearls, clasp, needles and thread

Equipment Needed: All materials are supplied

About Huib Petersen

Huib Petersen uses different sizes of beads and a variety of traditional beadwork stitches to create sculpted bugs, butterflies, birds, flowers and sea creatures in their environment. The result is a unique kind of wearable art that offers the intricacy of embroidery and lace, the depth of a theatre set and the durability and brilliance of glass. Having work full time as a bead artist and teacher since 1998, Huib still feels “challenged and inspired by the possibilities of this medium.”