About Kevin Baum

Kevin is a free-lance professional singer, performing with many Bay Area groups including Clerestory and Endersnight. He learned tatting in order to help keep the tradition alive and as a viable activity that could be done while traveling. He has been a tatter for over fifteen years now and teaches regularly at Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley.

Skill level: All levels welcome

Class Description: This is a two day class. In the first class students will be introduced to the tools and techniques used for the double stitch to create “rings,” and then to connect the rings. In the second class students will learn the next step, which is to create “chains,” and then to incorporate rings and chains, and how to finish the project. There will be a few color options available. Once you have completed your flower, you can turn it into a gift or stitch it onto a card for Mother’s day or for another special person in your life!

Kit Contents: two tatting shuttles, three balls of tatting thread and a crochet hook.

Equipment Needed: All materials are supplied; you may bring your own sewing kit if you like

Dates: May 9 and 12

Time: 10am-3pm

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