Our newest Challenge

Summer of Love

Deadline to Sign up: Friday, June 9 at 5pm California time

Deadline to Submit – August 15, 2017

1967 — Fifty years ago, the Beat Generation merged with a new generation of Flower Children and held a Human Be-In at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This lead to an impromptu happening, with a wave of youth coming to San Francisco throughout the summer of 1967, known as the Summer of Love. SNAD, being in San Francisco, is currently surrounded by art exhibits and events commemorating this revolutionary place and time for a generation who came to actively express their anti-establishment leanings, views against the Vietnam War, ecological concerns, and a movement to create a society built on peace and love. The world blossomed with music, poetry, banners, macramé, god’s eyes, fringe, and embroidery as expressions of the times.

2017 — What’s your bag? We want you to be inspired by the art movements that defined the Summer of Love to express what matters to you now. We expect to be Feelin’ Groovy when you create an exhibition that joins your collective thoughts through the medium of needlework. Banners for your bag. Bags for your stash. Peasant blouses for your rags. Pillows for your pad. Words to blow your mind. Far Out. Join our Stitch-at-Home Challenge and be a part of a Human “Stitch”-In.

Challenge Rules Here

Visit our online mood board to be inspired by the movements and fashions of the time.

Deadline to Sign up:

Friday, June 9 at 5pm California time

This Challenge has been sponsored by DMC.

Each participant will receive 3 Skeins of DMC thread to include in their piece. Pick one of the 5 color stories seen below! Please read the Rules for details on how to receive threads.

Flower Power

Peace & Love

Light My Fire


(the first color is metallic and the last color glows in the dark!)

A Whiter Shade of Pale